DJ Productions - Clive Sound
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DJ Productions


DJ productions is a collaboration between a DJ or his/her client and Clive Sound.  Often the production involves more than just a DJ show with the addition of PAs – often with multiple performers live, usually solo, acts showcasing their talents.  Clive Sound in addition to providing all the necessary equipment will also plan the technical side of live performances, typically being onsite as engineer for the event.

DJ and artist PA showcase.

Clive Sound has a number of high quality budget DJ PA/lighting packages.  If you already have your own laptop and controller then there are PA/lighting packages beginning at just £49.00.  Packages including 1000w sub-woofer from £79.

If you need to add CDJs and a DJ mixer then the DJ package (2 x Numark NDX 400 and a Behringer DJX750 5 channel DJ mixer) is just £35 or £30 when hired with a PA/lighting package.


DJ Function Productions.

  • No outlay for equipment
  • No worries about upgrading – ever.
  • Hire in only what you need for the gig.
  • Concentrate your resources on laptops and controllers.
  • No need to have your own transport – no van required.
  • Everything set up for you so you begin your show relaxed and focused.

Example systems for pro DJs

Below are the main system ideas for small, medium and large functions.  Each show is bespoke and can be tailored precisely to your and your clients requirements and budget.

Private Party 3kw system

Private party 3kw system; without doubt the most popular system for small to medium private parties, ideal for marquees.  2 x QSC K10 and 1 x QSC Ksub gives an impressive, high quality sound system with fairly rapid drop off after about 20m.  Comes with 3 lights and optional DJ booth.

Medium size function package

For medium size functions that need plenty of power the 2 x QSC K12 and 2 x QSC Ksub rig is ideal.  Packaged with 4 lights and a DJ booth this system will be all you need for most functions.

Large functions

For the larger functions such as town halls I recommend adding 2 or 4 satellite speakers at the mid point or each third point of the hall to the medium function package.  You could also double the subs either at the main FOH position or in some situations at the mid point although usually avoids out of phase problems if extra subs positioned at FOH position.


DJ big show productions (with or without live PAs)

If you’re a budding DJ and reckon you’re ready to hit the road but can’t yet afford a PA system then do what many DJs have done and hire all your kit from Clive Sound.  Systems start at just £49 for smaller parties and you can hire as little or as much as you require.  Hiring is also a great way to make sure you charge your client the correct amount for their requirement.  Decide on your fee, add the hire charge for the right amount of kit.  Also I deliver and set up for you as well.


DJ Lighting Productions.

I can hire you a single disco/dance floor light or more usually I package 3 or 4 lights together with a lighting stand for a great value hire.  I also have some simple lighting controllers pre-programmed for a more sophisticated effect but that are easy to use, vary one type of light or simple press button for different program.

Ultimate lighting controller packageUltimate lighting controller package

Most popular lighting items and packages.