Corporate Events - Clive Sound
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Corporate events.

Although many corporate events are very large in scale, many are not.  Yet companies have little choice other than hire in the big PA hire and production companies that while they do an impeccable job, charge a small fortune.  If you’re planning a small to medium event Clive Sound can often provide a missing service taking care of all the AV at much lower cost than the majors and for little or no discernible loss of quality.

Projectors and screens

2 projector types; the Casio LED/laser technology projector is a no worry, no hassle projector.  The LED/laser system needs no special power up/down procedure and is much more robust than conventional projector bulbs but still delivers 2500 lumens and can fill a 2.4m screen from just 4m distance.

The Acer projector whilst conventional in design offers 4500 lumens and special technology to sense the amount of ambient light and automatically adjusts to give the brightest image even with relatively high ambient light.

2 screen sizes; 2.4m 4:3 ratio and 1.8m 16:9 ratio.

Work out the best combination for your event and get in touch.


Seminars and meetings.

  • Silent Disco for venues wanting to extend a party or event
  • Unobtrusive conferencing.
  • Up to 3 sound sources (choices).
  • Multi-lingual seminars and meetings (3 to 4 languages).

Details for headphone systems

Below are the main ways you can use headphone systems.

Silent Disco

With noise constraints being more and more of an issue it’s good to know that your clients CAN extend their event or have an event in a noise sensitive venue. They even have the advantage of up to 3 audio sources so not everyone has to have drum n bass.  Available in multiples of 10.

Unobtrusive conferencing.

For when you want to use a particular room for your meeting or conference but are told you can’t have amplified sound systems.  The headphones are comfortable and will last for a day’s conference on a single charge.

3 sound sources (choices).

A useful feature of headphone systems is the ability to have 3 audio sources.  There are many uses from 3 different DJs at party events or multi-lingual options for business seminars.  You can even use in conjunction with an amplified speaker event with option 1 and the headphones enabling an additional 3 audio sources.

Typical headphone system options

Multiple inputs, multiple outputs.

Obviously the core of my dealings with venues and corporate clients is sound system supply.  From quick one off solutions for small events to monthly contract hire for a multi-location PA system with radio mics and zone mixer control Clive Sound not only has the solution but also the lowest price and will not over specify.


Uplighters and other lighting.

Uplighters can really complete the perfect atmosphere for an event, indoors and outdoors.  They can be programmed to all work together or each totally autonomous.  Other highly cost effect solutions and effect available.


WIRELESS SYSTEMS; Radio microphone systems, handheld, lapel, headworn.

Specialising in small scale wireless solutions I can provide a number of options for radio mics at relatively low cost.  Handheld radio microphones or headworn or lapel.