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Live Sound Production for bands, solo performers, duos and all live acts.

Live Sound Production is usually a combination of equipment rental and sound engineer expertise.

Some of my clients are bands, others are venues and organisers requiring me to manage a stage and/or band or number of bands such as for mini festivals.

PA with sound engineer

If your fee justifies it then why not go with a fully engineered PA hire.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large PA sometimes you just want to concentrate on playing.

Cabaret package

For smaller live acts the cabaret package gives you a live sound engineer, 2 FOH speakers and max 2 monitor wedges either EV or QSC options.  I’ll bring a digital console and mix on iPad.  Max 4 input channels and 4 output with mics and DIs up to this total.

Live band package

Live band package; Live sound engineer, QSC K12 FOH with a single sub-woofer, up to 3 monitors, digital console with iPad mixing.  Basic drum mics, 4 vocal mics including 1 radio.  Max 16 inputs 5 outputs.

Standard function band package

Sound engineer with K12 and 2 sub-woofer FOH, up to 5 monitor wedges, 2 radio mics, top drum mic set, max 16 inputs and 7 outputs.

(For full productions for live bands please see section under Productions: Functions.)

PA hire with sound engineer

  • Delivered, set up, sound checked, show managed.
  • Small 2 speaker PAs to large PAs with FOH inc. subs and monitors.
  • Solo performers, live acts, duos, small bands and function bands.


Cabaret & Duo productions.

These productions are the least expensive of the engineered packages.  If I can limit the number of speakers to 4 and only have one or 2 performers to mic up then along with my trusty X32 rack digital (rack) console and iPad then packages can be as little as £225.00.


Function band productions.

Every function band would like to have someone else take care of the PA so that they can concentrate on their performance.  However, not all function bands are made (or paid) equal.


So requirements vary considerably from 4 -10 piece bands, from soul, rock to British Dance (20’s, 30’s 40’s) band (I’ve managed the PA requirements of The Piccadilly Dance Orchestra for nearly 15 years now).  I’ve experienced pretty much every genre and size and standard of band.

Gigs and concerts

These productions generally require more planning and set up time than functions.


Theatre productions.

Theatre productions can be anything from a live band to a full theatrical production or musical.


Over the years I’ve covered school musicals productions right up to “Beyond The Barricade” long running touring show (2011).  More recently “The Kast off Kinks” at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley.