Rochester Cathedral - Clive Sound
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Rochester Cathedral

Rochester Cathedral event

Clive Sound to supply PA to cover whole of nave and aisles.

Live shows
About This Project

The challenge was to provide a full PA to cover the whole nave and aisles of the Cathedral for a live band, a small choir and for various speakers.  For the main FOH systems I used 2 x QSC K12s for mid/tops and 2 x QSC Ksubs sub-woofers.  These were supplemented by 2 x QSC K10s near the FOH speakers but directed into each aisle, additionally satellite speakers at the half way point, mounted on the (near) invisible K&M round base speaker stands in white completed the sound system.  For the band a mix of QSC K10s as monitor wedges and a couple of EV ZLX12s for choir monitors.  As there was no concert position for the console I elected to use the X32 rack, positioned myself and iPad in the aisle and mixed from there.  The lead vocal for the band had the privilege of using my Heil Sound PR35 large diaphragm microphone with the choir using Sennheiser E835s.