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Setting up EV DIY DJ package

Setting up EV DIY DJ package

Setting up my most popular package, the EV DIY DJ package, is very straightforward. I’ve written this quick how-to blog as sometimes if you’re under pressure to set up quickly or you’re just not sure, it’s easy to forget or be unsure if you”re doing it right.

First, get everything into position. Set up the speaker stands exactly where you want them being sure to get the maximum spread of the tripod legs for a safe speaker mount. Then set the height so that speakers will be about head height. If the hall is quite large then slightly higher than head height will ‘throw’ the sound that bit further. ALWAYS use the safety pins to lock the height setting. Place speakers onto the stands with two people lifting the speaker into position – check that the speaker pole is fully inserted into speaker base. Finally, make sure the speaker power switch is set to OFF, then connect the power cable to back of speaker.

Next set up the micro mixer position, you’ll probably want to use the power multi block extension at this point, so position this and connect to mains power outlet in venue. Plug in USB power adaptor to mains socket and then to micro mixer. Run extension cables if necessary to each speaker point and connect power cables (do not switch on speakers yet). Make all required connections to micro mixer; connect the phono-XLR adaptor to the main outputs, connect the aux cable to inputs 1-2 and then the microphone XLR cable to the microphone and then to the microphone input on micro mixer. Finally connect the 2 long XLR cables from the output adaptor to the input of each speaker left and right.

Sound check; Make sure the power light on the mixer is lit then set each input to 12 o”clock and the master volume to 1. Plug in your iPhone or music player and press play to start some music output. Switch each speaker on and you should hear a low volume sound. Check the master level on each speaker is at 0DB with the input levels at 12 o’clock. Go back to mixer and slowly increase the volume to about 12 o’clock. This should be quite a loud sound – if not check that your music player is outputting about 80% volume level.

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